AZ Two-way plug valve with safety stuffingbox packing,
special design for HF alkylation, Monel materials, UOP Approved

Available in two design types
Type: ISO-FS- HF
(with “Fire Safe” sealing)
(with triple safety sealing and separate plug adjustment for fluctuating temperatures)
ASME: NPS 1/2” – 24“ / Class 300
PT range: -29 < T < 220°C

Design Characteristics
- UOP approved design for HF Alkylation
- Safety stem packing
- Easily accessible plug adjustment
- Free of cavities
- Maintenance free / Self lubricating
- HF detection coat for leakage indication
- Actuator mounting flange acc. to DIN ISO 5211

Approved for the highest HF Alkylation UOP Process Specifications
- AZ HF plug valves are specially designed for the use in any HF Alkylation process and
hydrofluoric acid applications.
- Design and material requirements as well as manufacturing and testing procedures are in
accordance to the UOP process and piping specifications HF1, HF10, HF2 and HF20