Check valves are used in systems to prevent backflow of the medium and our strainers are used to protect precious machinery from dirt and other polution.


  • Globus, lined “in-line” ball check valves
  • Globus-SG, ball check valves in lined version with DURAN tubular sight glass for visual control
  • Delta, lined y-type ball check valves
  • Delta-SG, lined y-type ball check valves with sight glass in cover
  • Basket, lined “in-line” basket filter (exchangeable filter), basket made of PFA/FEP/PTFE (available separately) with standard perforation of 3mm, as an option with DURAN tubular sight-glass for visual control on request
  • Delta SF, lined Y-type strainer (easy and quickly exchangeable), filter made of PFA/FEP/PTFE (available separately) with a perforation of 3mm, with Borosilicate sight-glass for visual inspection on request

The check valves’ body is made of A395 (GGG40.3). The balls of all ball check valves are made of solid virgin-PTFE. The AZ lined check valves have a minimum lining thickness of 3mm, even on sharp edges. Lining material of check valves are PFA, FEP, PVDF, anti-static PFA. AZ only uses virgin resin granulate for check valves, not regenerated or similar materials.

  • MRV-Metallic, in-line ball check valve with a metal body, a PTFE seat ring and a solid virgin-PTFE ball. The standard model of the check valves’ body is made of carbon steel 1.0619/A216-WCB/GS-C25 or stainless steel A351-CF8M/1.4408.

If you have any questions, or require any further information regarding AZ check Valves please contact one of our Technical Sales Managers. Fill-in our application form, or call direct at +31 (0) 252-674878.